UNITY, Unified Messaging System technology is in use by the majority of Fortune 500 companies worldwide and I2X can now bring this directly to your business no matter what the size.

Email, collaboration, scheduling, wireless synchornization and backup have become critical factors to the success of any business. Unfortunately, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) often lack a large IT budget or in-house team to implement and maintain the sophisticated messaging software they need. Yet SMBs need this critical toolset in order to succeed in the marketplace. SMBs can now subscribe to this on-demand service for a low monthly fee. You focus on your core business and let I2X take care of the rest.

Is email hosting really your core business? Unity from i2x will give you affordable business email, with instant wireless access, total proection against security threats, continuous backups and a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.


Most small and mid-sized businesses are using email as a primary communication channel with clients, colleagues and suppliers. But many of these companies stop there, missing out on productivity-boosting features like shared calendars, contact information, files and wireless access. By upgrading to Unity, you can significantly raise your team’s efficiency for a small monthly fee. Basically, Unity is a series of computer servers and software applications that stores, processes and manages your company’s email, calendars, address books and files centrally, so they are available 24x7 and can be shared among your team, if you wish. Unity is based on the messaging system of choice for most Fortune 500 companies.


Running separate email and wireless email accounts can be an inefficient nightmare, as they are often in different locations and require technical skills to setup and maintain. Unity unifies all your messaging into a single location. Our Unity servers run BlackBerry, GoodLink and ActiveSync so whichever technology your wireless device uses you will be assured that your email, tasks, to-do lists, contacts and calendars will always be available. In addition, because of the nature of the Unity system, your data will always be synchronized wirelessly, without the need to plug into your desktop computer.


15,000 new viruses and security threats were discovered last year alone. Even with the best of intentions, businesses often fall behind on backups, updated SPAM filtering and anti-virus definitions. With Unity, this is never a problem. Backups are performed on a regular and ongoing basis. The latest anti-SPAM and anti-virus updates are applied constantly across all our servers. Given today’s huge array of IT security threats, with Unity you can have the confidence that your are shielded from the crippling loss of your email.


To help you understand the productivity-boosting options that Unity offers, here is a comparison of Unity vs. basic email options:


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