Social Networking


  1. How many times in the last 30 days have you seen an advertisement, billboard or TV commercial and actually done something about it?
  2. Now ask yourself, how many times in the last 30 days has a friend or someone you know sent you an email with a link in it and you clicked on it?

Social Networking will allow you to directly engage people, potential customers and existing customers that care about your product or service and build a trusted referral source for the future.The best source of new business will come by referrals from people that trust you, your business or your products. By building up your social network you will increase your trusted referral base is essential. Most of the tools available for Social Networking are free to use and have unprecedented potential to reach new customers.

We will show you how to do this, we will measure your progress and we will help you maintain your constant presence in this new medium.

The I2X Social Networking Practice will get you and your company on the right road. We will establish your presence on your own blog, YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and others. While we cannot write the content for you, we will show you how to maintain your presence, increase your audience, target the right customers, and build trust.

In addition, we will provide valuable reporting, metrics and alerts to let you know what affect your Social Networking efforts are having.


  • Secure your name(s) with over 50 top SN sites
  • Setup accounts with the top Social Networking sites
  • Setup a blog linked to your own domain name
  • Brand your presence on registered site(s) and blog
  • Integrate links into our website(s)
  • Provide best practices methodology
  • Monitor your progress on daily basis
  • Alert you when something is written about you, your products or services
  • Manage your SN account content

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