An overview of our web services

Computer Support-Los Angeles, CAInfo 2 Extreme, Inc. is a full-service, turnkey Internet Application Service Provider. I2X builds web sites and web infrastructure for companies worldwide. From initial site architecture to final systems integration, I2X delivers scalable and leverageable Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Extranet applications to the World Wide Web.

Website Application Development

The development methodology that I2X uses is based on the software industry, best practices model. This includes several planning phases and several development phases followed by an implementation and follow-up phase.

Managed Application Services

Managed Application Services (“MAS”) includes a number of technologies, services and proactive customer support. For most customers MAS provides a complete solution for outsourced website services.

SEO & Internet Marketing

For a successful, long-term, Search Engine Campaign, it is necessary to optimize your web site by implementing proper back-end code and web site structure.

Social Networking

Social Networking will allow you to directly engage people, potential customers and existing customers that care about your product or service and build a trusted referral source for the future.The best source of new business will come by referrals from people that trust you, your business or your products.

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