Live Video Streaming

Computer Support-Los Angeles, CAWHAT IS I2X LIVE VIDEO STREAMING?

Simply put, it is the ability to broadcast an event on-line as it happens. Think of it as live TV without the usual 20 second delay and limitations of television network subscriptions and broadcasting. All you need is our studio platform, a webcam, and a broadband connection.

Streaming live videos is a powerful on-line tool that can help promote and boost the profile of your events which inadvertently increases traffic to your website. i2x has partnered with Livestream to provide our customers a highly customizable webcasting platform that leverages the internet to deliver a consistent and high-quality viewing experience to your audience.

With this broadcasting platform, I2X can help you:

Broadcast your events LIVE in minutes
Unique features include the ability to mix multiple live cameras, imported video clips, and overlay graphics.

Embed your player on any website
I2X can help you customize the player to fit your brand/theme and then embed it to your own website expanding reach and accessibility by cost-effectively broadcasting your events and promulgating your messages to a global or select audience for information propagation, entertainment, marketing, training, e-learning and other corporate communications.

Manage your content
Uploading your videos, importing videos (i.e. from YouTube) and recording original broadcasts has never been easier.

Scale with your needs, whether it’s a small production or a colossal event, your channel can accommodate 1 to 100,000 plus viewers seamlessly.

Provide a broadcasting platform which is browser independent removing any viewing barriers for your audience. No downloads required, our platform runs on any browsers.

Built in fault tolerant Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Configure and integrate your webcasts on your website.

Provide technical support during your live web streaming event.

Deliver statistical reports such as viewer minutes, unique viewers, channel usage, referrers, embedded players and more (upon request).

Create an archive section in your website where viewers and customers can watch any past event.

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Live Broadcasting
Nothing is more exhilarating than watching a live event as it happens and without delays. This is especially true for press releases and announcements, speeches, news, concerts and sport events.

24/7 Linear Broadcasting
When you are not live, viewers can tune in and watch your 24/7 linear broadcast just like traditional TV. Your 24/7 linear feed is programmed from a looping list of video clips imported to your library or recorded live. All viewers will see the same content at any given point in time making social interactions such as chatting, significantly more relevant and helps retain viewers as you transition from one video to the next increasing your content exposure and viewing minutes.

On-Demand Broadcasting
Our solution is fully integrated and includes support for long form videos (including movies) and fast seeking to any point in a clip. You can populate it in real time with live recordings, YouTube clips, Media RSS feeds or content you have uploaded. These videos can even be directly linked or embedded by your viewers for increased viral distribution.

Streaming live web videos or webcasting is a dynamic, robust and exciting way to communicate and exhibit your events via the internet.

If your goal is to expand your reach and accessibility, increase your digital footprint, market your services and brands/products, entertain, or inform the public – and do any or all of these cost-effectively, then video streaming and live webcasting is right for you.

We acknowledge that your broadcasting needs are specific to you. This is why we are giving you the power to tailor a viewing experience that meets the needs of your viewers, manage a versatile production environment that supports your resources and capabilities, and offer a variety of distribution options that let you deliver content how, when and where you want to.

We have listed the following groups who can take advantage of this effective, dynamic and only platform that integrates Live, linear and on-Demand delivery:


non-profits, chambers, special interest, national/regional/local government agencies

  • Reach new audiences, and broaden awareness of your programs
  • Mobilize the public and your members around time-sensitive events
  • Educate viewers about complex and important issues
  • Train staff and volunteers in any part of the world


marketing, training, conference, corporate event, investor relations event, press conference, webinar, meeting, seminar/lecture

  • Ability to communicate deeply and more effectively with your global customers, stakeholders, the press and your own employees, in a much exciting and compelling way
  • Reduce costs and increase productivity through online corporate communications and video training sessions
  • Control your corporate messaging with tailored broadcasts to press and customers
  • Create a private channel (with no ads) for internal communications
  • Build your brand identity and communicate your philosophy


local/national/international news from citizens, universities, bureaus and governments

  • Broadcast news with just a webcam, or complete with studio anchors, field reporters, pre-recorded video clips, remote cameras and more
  • Your news channel is delivered in a highly professional and customizable graphic package that supports dynamic news tickers and over the shoulder graphics
  • Go LIVE instantly to be the first to cover breaking news to audiences on a global scale
  • Cut costs by eliminating the need for regional offices, news vans, studio equipment, etc.


music, movies (short and long), series, animation, games, gadgets, comedy, fans

  • Broadcast around the clock, constantly pushing new and fresh content
  • Reach new audiences with embeddable players and social networks (viewers can embed their favorite video/show/event/channels on their own blogs and social network profiles – viral distribution)
  • Manage live events, scheduled programming, and on-demand video all in one easy-to-use package
  • Leverage existing content for re-broadcast to drive sales


newspapers, magazines, studios, bloggers, dailies/weeklies/monthlies, special interest

  • Integrate video broadcasts into your operation with simple and easy-to-use online studio production tools
  • Engage new and existing audiences by speeding up your publishing capabilities with instant Live and 24-hour linear broadcasts
  • Increase revenue by integrating ad networks and sponsored content
  • Syndicate content to and from partners and sister publications
  • Leverage existing content to build scheduled programming

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