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NO-OBLIGATION Website Audit with 30-Point Reality Check

Is your website being all that it can be? Are you tired of not being able to pull your site up quickly every time? Does your website look terrible on tablets and smartphones? A FREE 30-Point Website Audit from I2X will allow us to pinpoint the weak spots in your website.

“Why can’t I ever get my website to look and feel right?” Do thoughts like this ever cross your mind? If so, our experts can help, with cost-effective solutions you can count on. As a potential client, I2X would like to offer you a FREE 30-Point Website Audit to:

  • Assess your website performance and speed
  • Make sure your site navigation is easy and intuitive
  • Look for broken links and dead-ends
  • Evaluate if you are getting the most from your usage reports and statistics
  • Diagnose any ongoing problems or concerns you are currently experiencing with you website
  • Answer your questions about upgrades, adding new pages, new functionality or any other project you have in mind.
  • Evaluate if your site works on tablets, smartphones and set-top boxes
  • Look for security flaws in your hosting setup that could allow hackers and viruses to take over your website and gain access to confidential information

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